Welcome to High Country Labradoodles. We are your typical family who just happens to enjoy Australian Labradoodles.  We started out with a labrador retriever and we still have the dog hair to prove it.  Our lab is an absolute love, but the shedding and constant vacuuming of dog hair was what prompted us to decide that our next dog would be an Australian Labradoodle.   After having an Australian Labradoodle we will never go back.  They truly are the most versatile and loving dogs with the added benefit of being low to non-shedding and allergy friendly.  And if you ever have had the opportunity to hug one its like having your very own favorite blanket to cuddle with.

We wanted to be able to share this wonderful breed with others and so my daughter who is working towards her PHD in genetics and a member of Alpha Chi Omega and I, with my MBA in business management, set out to breed the best of the best;  temperament and soundness being our top priorities.  All our breeding dogs are genetically tested and DNA'd thru PawPrint genetics and are also tested for OFA hips, elbows, heart patella and cerf.  We are breeding multi-generational Australian Labradoodles for everyday family life with children or grandchildren.  

At High Country Labradoodles, we begin the socialization of all of our puppies at an early age. We have a whelping room specifically designated for our breeding girls inside our home.  Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are house dogs from day one and are not whelped or raised outside, void of human contact. We do not own kennels and none of our dogs or puppies ever see a kennel. They are cherished and loved as all family pets should be.

We here at High Country Labradoodles believe that those first 8 weeks of a puppy's life are important for socialization and developing a loving temperament and, therefore, all of our pups are family-raised in our own home.   

Our puppies are socialized with, not only, an abundance of children (young and old), but other dogs as well.  We have a very busy household and they will be surrounded by things like the vacuum, other dogs, the doorbell (everyone wants to see the puppies), dish washer, washer/dryer, the TV, music, and depending on weather, the potential for play time outside.  We do start crate training and basic potty training.  Our puppies will go on rides in the car to the vet a few times while with us and this helps prepare them for their ride home with you to their forever home.

We are located in the Inland Northwest in Spokane, Washington, and surrounded by beautiful farmland.  We welcome visits from those that have placed deposits and are serious about a forever labradoodle.

Why we recommend a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle from

High Country Australian Labradoodles:

They are easy to care for

Allergy/asthma friendly

Low to Non-shedding

Easy to train

Great family pets


No to low odor

Have a willingness to please

Love kids

Are kind and gentle

Loyal and intelligent